The best for your MHG systems: MHG service.


Whether for regular system maintenance or quick assistance in case of service need - you should rely on us even after purchasing an MHG blasting system. Our blasting plant specialists are on the road throughout Germany, which means that they are quickly available and always state-of-the-art thanks to continuous further education. And that's crucial - because your original MHG blasting technology is in the best hands with the original MHG service.

Within the scope of maintenance contracts, you have the greatest possible security of a technically and economically well functioning plant. Conscientious maintenance ensures the best possible protection against breakdowns and repairs and offers your employees added safety at the workplace.

Impressive evidence of our high quality of service is the industry-unique SCC certification: 2006. This requires appropriate quality audits, which we carry out regularly in our company.

In addition, our service employees are trained in dealing with hazardous substances and have access to sensitive security areas in many companies. They also carry out the annual UVV safety checks and are entitled to issue the UVV test sticker.

The sure way to quality: Rely on the best.

The perfect start: assembly and commissioning.

So that you do not lose any time after purchasing your MHG blasting system, we are not only available for on-time delivery, but also for the professional assembly and commissioning of the system - worldwide.

Upon request, we will inform your employees in detail about all functions and the operation of the blasting system. And whenever you have a need for employee training later on, for example in the case of particularly demanding jet projects, this is no problem either.