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SMG 160 Rapid Ex

SMG 160 Rapid Ex


  • Manual and automatic blasting machine with large drum for serial parts

  • For many years, proven for many years in a variety of applications and under extreme conditions of use.

  • working space = 1350 x 1100 x 1100 mm (W x D x H)


working space

1350 x 1100 x 1100 mm (W x D x H)


Dustproof vacuum cabin in stable sheet steel construction

working gloves

Special rubber, wear-resistant, inside cotton, firmly attached to the cabin against dust


Two side doors, dust-tight closing, double-walled, sound-absorbing foamed, lockable, with electrical switch-off protection

Blasting material recovery

Via coordinated MHG recovery system


ON / OFF switch for suction and lighting, pressure regulator, manometer and foot switch


Safety glass, 500 x 320 mm, interchangeable without special tool

Beam lighting

Very bright illumination by LED lighting unit

MHG blasting guns

High-performance blast gun system MHG, with optimum efficiency, operation via foot pedal, available with nozzles in different sizes and materials


For cleaning the blasted workpieces and the blasting chamber


Air consumption

Blast nozzle diameter Air consumption with 6 bar (l/min) Injector Air consumption with 6 bar (l/min) Pressure blasting
4.8 mm 1100
6.5 mm 590 2100
8.0 mm 910 Standard 3200
10.0 mm 1340




Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment Variants

  • Large coated processing drum for small parts:

Capacity approx. 50 l, driven by a gear motor The operating mode "Automatic operation processing drum" or "Manual operation" can be activated. In automatic mode, the arm openings are securely closed with a hand-operated flap.

  • Antistatic blow off device:

Ionization of the blow-off air reliably prevents dust and abrasive particles from adhering.

  • ATEX additional equipment (use for explosive dusts):

By installing structural explosion protection, the system corresponds to the ATEX version Ex II 3 D Ex T III CT 125ºC Dc. A corresponding ignition risk analysis according to Directive 2014/34 / EU is available.





Typical Application

  • The system is suitable for all SLS and SLM applications, but can of course also be used for all other blasting work.


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