Reclaim system

The heart of a modern blasting system produced by MHG is the blast media reclaim system, also called a cyclone.

In the era of energy-saving, it helps you save on blast media while guaranteeing a consistent surface quality. Time and again, workers can be seen standing at blasting systems with their noses pressed against the viewing pane, because they can no longer see in the blast chamber. This "guesswork" is not a part of blasting with an MHG blasting system. The blast media in an MHG system is not stored in a blast medium hopper, but in a separate tank behind the blasting system, downstream from the cyclone. Only blasting media which is permanently cleaned the way it is in an MHG blasting system can guarantee continuously consistent quality. No clogging of the blast hose or the blast nozzle with blast media impurities gets in the way of enjoyable blasting work. With standard blasting systems, operators often have to work with one foot against the hopper, because clumps of blast media prevent a continuous flow of blast media. This is not the case with an MHG blasting system.

Whether a blast media cleaning system is installed on a blasting system or not can be easily recognised from the installation location of the ejector:

  • Ejector directly on the hopper = no reclaim system
  • Ejector behind or next to the system on the separate storage tank = with reclaim system

Contact us. Many blasting systems can also be retrofitted with an MHG blast media reclaim system.


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