Blasting agents

The blasting agent can be found at MHG

The MHG GmbH offers blasting material for your surface finishing, processing and cleaning. In the processing of surfaces, depending on the nature and intended use, various blasting agents are used.


The blasting material glass beads is used wherever high-purity pure surfaces are to be produced without damaging the surface coating. For example, glass spheres are ideal for gentle cleaning or polishing of sensitive surfaces, but also for matting stainless steel. With this blasting agent, e.g. Clean fittings and tools and remove corrosion. The MHG glass spheres are high-performance spheres specially developed for blasting technology, which have excellent chemical and physical properties. The glass balls we offer in various screenings from fine to coarse.


Another abrasive is fine corundum and is used wherever Fe-blasting agents can not be used. It is also suitable for extremely hard materials for surface treatment.
If sandblasting is to be used as an abrasive, our corundum is the right abrasive: it is made of high-quality bauxite and is available in hard to very hard grades. Even workpieces of extreme hardness can be processed with it.

Further abrasives for surface treatment

For deburring, paint stripping or the removal of corrosion in addition to corundum also chilled cast iron in round or angular shape is suitable. This abrasive can also be used to roughen a metal surface to improve adhesion to a new coating. This form of irradiation also replaces the use of chemical agents and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

Surfaces of softer materials can also be processed well with plastic abrasives. For this we offer high-quality resin materials in different hardness ratios and grain sizes. Resin as a blasting abrasive is suitable for deburring delicate components as well as for cleaning monuments and sculptures.

In the machining process so less disposal costs. All MHG blast machines have a recovery system that separates dust and dirt particles from the blasting material that can be used. The cleaned abrasive is used again.


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