Fields of application of the sandblasting technique

Sandblasting is used primarily in surface treatment. This gives glass or stainless steel a new surface structure: In metalworking, the surface of components is roughened to improve the adhesion of paints or alloys. Compression jets are used to prevent hairline cracks and extend the life of metal parts.

The surface of glass is processed to give it a specific design. Matting or ornamental grinding can also be carried out in series by means of a sandblasting machine. Blasting machines from MHG can be used in all areas of surface technology, e.g. also in the cleaning.

With sandblasting against corrosion and bumps

Corrosion is not only a visual impairment of metal parts, it also leads to material fracture. In order to apply a new coating, corrosion must be able to be removed completely. For this purpose, the free jet equipment from MHG is suitable. These include a mobile blasting agent bowl, nozzle, hose, remote control and protective clothing. With this mobile device, a surface treatment can be done anywhere on the ground.

Deburring, on the other hand, is a step that is integrated in the production of metal parts. MHG offers you automatic blasting systems as continuous, rotary table and cycle systems. We are the leading manufacturer of automatic and special systems and develop in consultation with you the system you need, tailored to your material and your production process. Where sandblasting is used, one can count on the technology of MHG.