Blast nozzles

All the findings of modern blasting technology were factored into the design of MHG blast nozzles. Our consultants would be glad to help you adapt the nozzle to the respective application. The correct shape with the correct diameter helps you save on air, blast media and work time, in other words, your money.
Common injector nozzles are offered in diameters of 5 to 10 mm. Depending on the application, ceramic, carbide or boron carbide is used, wherein additional varying lengths are available to choose from. Wide blasting nozzles are used for blasting flat surfaces, whereas so-called finger nozzles are used for pinpoint blasting.

Pressure blasting nozzles achieve a high acceleration of the blast media at the nozzle tip due to the Venturi nozzle shape. The result is the most effective mixture of air and blast media consumption with optimal surface coverage. No other nozzle shape applies converts the air pressure into speed as successfully. Carbide and boron carbide are used as the nozzle material, which corresponds to a long service life. Common nozzle diameters vary between 4 and 10 mm, and often greater for jet blasting applications. With various available connection threads, you will also find the matching nozzle for your nozzle holder.


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