Filter systems

Simply getting more out: MHG filter systems.

Powerful technology is incorporated into MHG filter systems, which meet the highest standards and optimally fulfil all legal requirements. Our filter cartridges are equipped with filter category M, which also permits work with problematic dusts. High-performance filter media with Teflon coating or Gore Tex membranes achieve outstanding residual dust values and degrees of separation of up to 99%. For extremely critical dusts, additional filters ("police filters") are used.

MHG filter systems are maintenance-free. The integrated control unit enables the selection of various cleaning intervals. We would be glad to tell you which filter type optimally fulfils your requirements.

Technical data

Type 603 1703 3003 6003  
Height in mm 1450 2250 2850 2850  
Width in mm 520 800 1350 1100  
Depth in mm 450 1000 850 1250 ;
Motor output (kW);0.75;2.2/1.5;4.0;5.5/7.5;
Motor voltage (Volt);230/400;230/400;230/400;230/400;
Rated air flow rate (m3/h);500;1800/1500;3600;3600/5600;
Stat. pressure ext. (Pa);1400;1900/1500;2200 ;2200;
Filter surface area (m2);6;17;30;60;
Suction diameter (mm);125;200;250;250;
Sound pressure (dB(A));75;75;75;75;