MHG : Standard machines - page 8

Typical areas of application
• Precision engineering
• Medical technology
• Extremely small, precise components
• Laboratory applications
• Tool manufacture
Two working chambers
650 x 450 x 550 mm (W x D x H) each
Blasting chamber
Dust-tight negative pressure cabinet
in sturdy steel sheet construction
Work gloves
Special wear-resistant rubber, cotton
lining, permanently integrated in the
cabinet to prevent dust from escaping
Two side doors which closed with
dust-tight seal, double-walled, sound-
insulating foam, closable, with electrical
safety cut-off
Blast medium reclaim
By means of an attuned
MHG reclaim system
The SMG 25 DUO blasting systems
offers the same technical advantages
as the single station version. However,
with its two workstations it enables the
simultaneous use of two blast media in
one system and thus the combination
of various treatment processes, such as
gentle cleaning and sealing of wire or
sink eroded components.
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