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Exclusively from MHG: Blast media
reclaim with system.
As a provider of blasting technology, MHG equips its
systems by standard with a special blast media reclaim
system. Integrated between the blast cabinet and exhaust air
filter, the system reduces the blast media consumption and
at the same time maintains a consistently high blast media
quality. In this manner, MHG blasting systems guarantee
optimal efficiency and reproducible surface quality.
Three times more efficient: the system components
1. The blast cabinet
The design of the working environment has a crucial influ-
ence on the performance of the employees. Therefore all
MHG blasting systems are sound-insulated and guarantee
a clear view of the workpiece to be processed thanks to
a clever extraction system and a dust-free environment.
2. The reclaim system
Unlike conventional blasting systems, MHG blasting systems
use a cyclone separator to separate permanently usable blast
media from dust, impurities and used blast media. In the
process, both time and money are saved, because only
usable blast media remains in circulation.
3. The exhaust air filtration
The dedusting takes place by means of overdimensioned
cartridge filters with automatic cleaning of the filter cartridges.
The filter material can be individually selected in order to
also filter out problematic dusts with a separation degree of
up to 99 %, and of course satisfy DIN EN 60335-69 Annex
AA of the applicable dust classification.
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