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Whether for regular system maintenance or quick assistance in the
event of a service requirement – you can rely on us even after your
purchase of an MHG blasting system. Our blasting system specialists
are on the go throughout Germany and thus quickly available, and
with continuous advanced training they are always up-to-date with
the latest technology. And that is essential – because your origi-
nal MHG blasting technology is in the best of hands with original
MHG service.
You have the greatest possible assurance of having a system that
operates fault-free in terms of technology and efficiency in the
scope of maintenance contracts. Skilled maintenance assures the
best possible protection against failures and repairs and provides
your employees with added safety at the workplace.
Proof of our high quality of service is the certification in accordance
with SCC:2006 – which is unique in the industry. Corresponding
quality audits, which perform regularly in our company, are required
for this certification.
In addition, our service employees are trained in the proper
handling of hazardous materials and have access authorisation to
sensitive security areas within numerous companies. Furthermore,
they perform the annual accident prevent regulation safety inspec-
tions and are authorised to issue the accident prevention regulation
inspection certificate.
The safe path to quality: Rely on the best.
The best for your MHG system:
MHG Service.
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