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Room for quality:
MHG technology for open blasting.
In addition to closed blasting systems, MHG offers tailored, custom-
er-specific solutions for open blasting. From the accessible blasting
room to mobile open blasting equipment, a variety of equipment
variants are available in original MHG quality.
An MHG strength is the installation of blasting equipment in existing
rooms or rooms designed according to our specifications, as well as
blast media recovery systems, on request. The result is a professional
blasting room at an optimal price-performance ratio.
The MHG open blasting system comprises all the components
necessary for perfect open blasting. Blasting tank with durable rollers,
blast media screen and lid, blast media dosing valve, pressure hose,
coupling, nozzle holder, highly wear-resistant boron carbide nozzle,
remote operating with safety switch, helmet with respiratory filter
and breathing hose (10 m), blasting suit and work gloves.
DFG 100 DFG 200
Tank capacity 100 l
200 l
Other sizes available on request.
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