MHG : Standard machines - page 20

Typical areas of application
• Processing of laser-cut and
torch-cut parts
• Heavy-duty steel construction
• Aviation technology
• Turbine technology
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Chemical industry
Working chamber
1350 x 1100 x 1100 mm (W x D x H)
Blasting chamber
Dust-tight negative pressure cabinet
in sturdy steel sheet construction
Work gloves
Special wear-resistant rubber, cotton
lining, permanently integrated in the
cabinet to prevent dust from escaping
Two side doors which closed with
dust-tight seal, double-walled, sound-
insulating foam, closable, with electrical
safety cut-off
Blast medium reclaim
By means of an attuned
MHG reclaim system
The SMG 160 Compact blasting system
combines the complete, high-quality
equipment of the SMG 160 with area
requirement. Thanks to its design with
laterally accessible components, this
system can be arranged immediately in
front of a wall, making it ideal for integra-
tion in modularly designed workshops
and optimal for production islands.
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