MHG : Standard machines - page 15

Blast medium reclaim
By means of an attuned
MHG reclaim system
ON/OFF switch for extraction
and lighting, pressure regulator,
manometer and foot switch
Viewing pane
Safety glass, 500 x 320 mm, can be
replaced without special tools
Blast chamber lighting
Wear-free external installation, very
good illumination from halogen lamp,
optionally available with LED lighting
MHG blasting gun
Powerful MHG blasting gun system
with optimal efficiency, actuation via
foot pedal, available with nozzles in
various sizes and materials
Workpiece blow-off nozzles
For the cleaning of the blasted
workpieces and the blast chamber
MHG pressure blasting system
Available with various tank sizes,
including mounted blast medium
reclaim system
Air consumption and dimensions
See page 36 – 39
Typical areas of application
• Revision work in power plants
• Food industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Chemical industry
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