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It may sound superficial, but it is actually anything but superficial.
Whether for an industrial or trade application – only perfect surfaces
will suffice for fault-free function, high precision and excellent design.
For more than 30 years, MHG Strahlanlagen has been one of the
leading manufacturers of compressed air blasting systems in Europe
and offers solutions for all areas of application of blasting technology.
Whether for metal, plastic or stone, cleaning, deburring or design –
from system revision to aviation technology to precision engineering
and medical technology, blasting systems from MHG are used for
surface processing of the widest variety of materials and products.
Depending on the area of application, standard systems or specially
designed and configured custom machines are used, such as special
solutions which can be integrated into running process lines. MHG
provides you with the blasting technology you need – from the free-
standing compact unit to high-performance automatic blasting systems.
Our innovative capacity for your investment security.
Blasting systems from MHG are continuously improved and offer
you state of the art blasting technology. With their design, which is
well thought-out down to the smallest detail, and their high-quality
workmanship, our blasting systems set the standard for future and
investment security. In addition, they consistently operate in an
energy-efficient and resource-saving manner, reduce operating
costs and meet the highest demands on efficiency and durability.
Our innovative capacity for your investment security. MHG equips
its blasting systems with an innovative blast medium reclaim system,
which guarantees both an economical use of blast medium and a 
consistently high level of quality. The Air-Logic-System also assures
maximum efficiency by enabling an optimal, loss-free use of the
available operating pressure. And, as is customary for the products
of a market leader, we only use high-quality materials and components
for our blasting systems which satisfy the highest requirements on
function, safety and durability, and are certified according to interna-
tionally valid industrial standards.
Quality from consultation to service.
The success of our work is based if nothing else on the experience
and knowledge of our qualified employees who remain up-to-date
with regular training and certifications. They know the specific
requirements of the various applications and areas of use and advise
you in the selection of the optimal blasting process and the appro-
priate blast medium. After all, the perfect combination of the two
is prerequisite for optimal results.
Of course, we are also at your disposal with comprehensive service
after the timely installation of your MHG blasting system. We are
available for the commissioning and the orientation of your employ-
ees as well as for regular system testing and maintenance tasks. And
that comes with the best recommendations: numerous references
from renowned companies both domestically and internationally.
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