MHG : Glass Master 1500/2000/2500 - page 4

The MHGS Glass Master Automatic blasting system was
specially designed for industrial processing of flat glass and
meets the highest demands on quality, ergonomics and op-
erational safety. In the process, the MHG high-performance
wide blast nozzles in combination with the MHG oscillating
device guarantee absolutely homogeneous blasting results
even with large surfaces and large quantities of up to 30 m²/h.
The MHG Glass Master Automatic is available in three
versions with blasting heights of 1500, 2000 and 2500 mm.
For smooth operation at all times, the plant’s conveyor
system is equipped with sturdy and large-dimensioned
inlet and outlet rails which assure efficient and damage-
free loading and unloading.
The MHG blast media reclaim system reduces blast media
consumption and the associated operating costs and
provides for continuous blast media preparation as well
as a constantly high blasting quality, which is of crucial
importance for series production, in particular.
As a third component, the MHG filter system perfectly
rounds out the performance of this high-end blasting
system: It prevents the escape of dust and far exceeds
the high demands of the applicable legal regulations.
Automatic perfect
surface results.
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