Benefits of this blasting system

  • Offers the same technical benefits as the single plate version
  • With its two work stations it enables the simultaneous use of two blast media in a system and thus the combination of different treatment processes
Manual blast cabinets for simultaneous work in two blast chambers: SMG 25 DUOManual blast cabinets for simultaneous work in two blast chambers: SMG 25 DUO

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Two working chambers

650 x 450 x 550 mm (W x D x H) each

Blasting chamber

Dust-tight negative pressure cabinet in sturdy steel sheet construction

Work gloves

Special wear-resistant rubber, cotton lining, permanently integrated in the cabinet to prevent dust from escaping


Two side doors which closed with dust-tight seal, double-walled, sound-insulating foam, closable, with electrical safety cut-off Blast medium reclaim by means of an attuned MHG reclaim system


separate for each working chamber, ON/OFF switch for extraction and lighting, pressure regulator, manometer and foot switch

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Viewing panes

Safety glass, 500 x 320 mm each, can be replaced without special tools

Blast chamber lighting

Wear-free external installation, very good illumination from fluorescent tubes, optionally available with LED lighting unit

MHG blasting guns

Powerful MHG blasting gun system with optimal efficiency, actuation via foot pedal, available with nozzles in various sizes and materials

Workpiece blow-off nozzles

For the cleaning of the blasted workpieces and the blast chamber

Air consumption

Blasting nozzle diameter Air consumption at 6 bar (l/min)
6.5 mm 590
8.0 mm 910 standard
10.00 mm 1340

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Energy-saving function - integrated in all MHG MHG blast cabinets:


Clearly arranged in the lamp body:

  • On/Off button for light
  • On/Off button for extraction fan

The two functions have separate energy-saving times (adjustable in LOGO). The standard settings are 5 minutes for the lighting and 10 minutes for the extraction. If the blast cabinet is not in use, the lighting automatically switches off after five minutes and the extraction automatically switches off after ten minutes. The two functions are re-activated by simply pressing the foot pedal without having to manually switch the blast cabinet on again. When a cabinet door is opened, the lighting is switched on and the energy-saving time automatically restarts.

Maintenance control lamp There is a "Maintenance" indicator lamp on the control panel. It blinks after 1000 operating hours and is reset by the service department. With observance of the maintenance intervals, the blast cabinet is always kept in a technically optimal condition.

Typical areas of application

  • Precision engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Extremely small, precise components
  • Laboratory applications
  • Tool manufacture
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Catalogue: Standard machines

Catalogue: Standard machines

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