Glass beads

Glass beads

MHG glass beads are high-performance beads specially developed for blasting technology, which meet the highest quality demands in terms of screening and service life. Glass beads offer a combination of physical and chemical properties which no other blast medium has.

Blasting with glass beads generates a very fine, clean surface without attacking or damaging it.

Areas of application / special suitability

  • Gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces (moulds, tools, engine parts, turbine vanes)
  • Compacting of non-ferrous metal surfaces
  • Surface finish of metal and glass workpieces
  • Matte finishing of stainless steel

Available grain sizes (µ)

  • Type 213: < 50
  • Type 212: 40-70
  • Type 211: 70-110
  • Type 209: 100-200
  • Type 207: 150-250
  • Type 206: 200-300
  • Type 204: 300-400
  • Type 203: 425-850
  • Special screenings

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