blasting systems

Surface processing at the highest level.

blasting systems from MHG have been setting standards for more than 30 years. Innovative technology, stable, high-quality processing and a design that is well-thought out down to the last detail guarantee first-class surface results, the highest operational safety and energy-saving, environmentally-friendly function.

Whether blasting for cleaning, deburring, lapping, production, refinement or the finest blasting of highly sensitive workpieces, the extensive MHG standard machine programme offers powerful solutions for every area of application, providing impressive returns in durability, efficiency and investment security. The same applies for our service department, which reliably supports you from the planning to the timely installation and beyond. And that comes with the best recommendations: numerous references from renowned companies both domestically and internationally.

Clean matter: energy-saving, safe and resource-saving.

MHG blasting systems save on operating costs without compromising quality. This is assured by the energy-efficient technology, lighting units with energy-saving lamps and the MHG energy-saving system, which automatically switches off the extraction fan and lighting when the blast cabinet is not in use. Just a press of the foot pedal is enough to reactivate the blasting process without having to switch on the blast cabinet manually.

Additional safety is provided by electrical safety cut-offs, which, corresponding to the latest regulations for safety in the workplace, automatically interrupt the blasting process as soon as the cabinet doors are opened. The special design of the MHG blasting systems, with large viewing panes and lateral doors that seal tightly even after years of use, enables safe handling of the workpieces and precise, dust-free blasting. Special air intake ducts above the viewing window additionally improve the view while blasting. The effective sound insulation of the blast cabinet also helps to noticeably reduce the noise level at the workplace.

Finally, the innovative MHG blast medium reclaim system guarantees low consumption and, at the same time, a constantly high quality of the blast medium. In this manner, efficiency and outstanding blasting results are optimally combined. Clean matter: energy-saving, safe, resource-saving.

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