Ergonomically designed blasting systems

The name says it all: optimal ergonomics.

With the development of the SMG 100 ERGO and SMG 160 ERGO blasting systems, the focus was on the variability of the working height. Both systems can be pneumatically adjusted in height by 150 mm and be set up for both sitting and standing operation with the turn of a hand. In this manner, the ideal conditions are also achieved for use in continuous or shift operation.

The Ergo machines from MHG area available as injector and pressure blasting systems, have been proven in use over many years and are equipped with extremely powerful filter systems. The blasting power can be precisely adjusted from gentle for the finest blasting work to highly abrasive to cover large surface areas.

With a customer-specific configuration, which also includes equipment with modern sensor technology for the monitoring and control of the operating states, SMG 100 ERGO and SMG 160 ERGO meet the highest demands – both technically and ergonomically.